A plan is being hatched!  Or is a hatch being planned?  The biggest problem with this design is the hatch.  In most teardrops the plywood will be continuous from the hinge all the way to the handle.  In this case, there is a definite break between the roof and rear.  Since this is a weak spot, a little reinforcement is needed.  After some contemplation, the luaun that was cut from the top curves was perfect for tying both pieces together.  I would have used the 3/8" plywood but that had already become a bike rack.  I did have a few scraps left over from the windows to create curved spars from.  The end spars are rather wide.  Three thicknesses were needed to clear the frame and interior luaun.  Then the luaun hatch sidewall was attached, then two more spars to hold the inside of the hatch.  The last scraps of rigid foam were put to good use.