The weather has finally complied enough to make some progress on the trailer!  It was finally decided to chop the tongue instead of buying a new piece (see chopped piece on the right).  The axle was removed and the frame was sanded and painted.  A little lack of foresight means that the current dolly wheel will probably not work with the shorter tongue.  Despite that progress will continue!  The next step is to sand and repaint the axle and springs.  And how did all the surface rust come off?

A 7" wire wheel does not normally fit onto a 4" rated angle grinder. One must remove the guard. What then happens is that the wire wheel shoots random wires into hands, pants and foreheads.  A modified guard from a 9" plastic lid and a cardboard strip kept most shrapnel to a minimum.  As could be expected the service life was short but exciting.  The wire wheel is now a more reasonable diameter.