Framing progress has been made.  The floor has been in place for a while.  Some 2x4's on the flat were sandwiched with 1/2" ply below and 1/4" luaun above.  All the space was filled with 1-1/2" rigid insulation.  The whole thing was then coated with two thinned urethane coats and one full strength coat.  A water test was positive.  The floor was secured to the frame with 8 3/8" panhead bolts, 3 each side and 2 in the front.

Then the side walls were built.  These consisted of 1x2 furring strips again on the flat.  That is, the wall framing is 3/4" thick.  The top curve consists of several 1x3 pieces fitted at angle and then trimmed.  Interior luaun has been cut and glued in place.  About 18 gravity clamps consisting of pavers, cinder blocks, and landscape rocks ensured a nice tight seal.  The door will be cut, insulation installed, and then the exterior plywood attached.

Frames attached to check for perfect symmetry.  Check!Cutting the top curve.